A Thrifty Way to Grow Plants from Seed

Why throw away your plastic bottles when you can use them to grow plants?

Yesterday I picked my first ripe tomato and it occurred to me that it's time to start thinking about planting a fall garden. I swear that the summers fly by faster every year, but this year I'm thinking ahead.

In a few months, it will be time to pull out my tomatoes and cucumbers and replace them with fall crops like broccoli and kale. But this year, I'm going to be ready because I have a genius idea for starting seeds early.

This year, I'm starting my plants early by planting the seeds in a plastic milk jug.

How thrifty is that? 

My friend Stacey used plastic milk jugs and soda bottles to start her seeds early this year and it worked like a charm. 

All you need is a plastic bottle or jug, soil, seeds, scissors to cut the jug in half, and tape to put the jug back together after you plant the seeds. 

The opening at the top allows for air to vent the plant and the plastic mimics a greenhouse environment so that the seeds germinate more quickly than if you put them directly in the soil. 

Saving money + recycling + growing your own food = genius. Stacey my dear, you are #plantladygoals