Checklist for Traveling with Dogs

Traveling with dogs... it's like traveling with prisoners who are trying to escape every time the door opens. Then, when they do escape, there's a 50% chance they'll find poop and roll in it.

We have two small dogs, both under the age of three, that travel with us in our RV. Peanut is a 10 lb chihuahua mix and Slim is a 20 lb Boston Terrier.

They bring us so much joy and a big part of why we bought an RV was to bring the dogs along with us when we travel. I mean, just look at these guys.

As cute as they are though, I'd be lying if I said that traveling with dogs is easy. It's particularly unpleasant pulling ticks off them (and ticks are everywhere this year). It's also no party when it's raining because no matter how well you dry them after a walk, the RV eventually starts to smell like wet dog. Another problem is the heat, because unless you're plugged into electric and can run the AC, it's usually too hot to leave them alone in a vehicle. 

After traveling with two dogs for awhile now, I've put together a checklist of things you'll want to consider bringing if you plan to travel with your dogs in the future. 

⬜ Food + water
⬜ Food bowls + water bowls
⬜ Water bottle + collapsible dog bowl - for walks and visits to the dog park
⬜ Dog toys - especially chew toys
⬜ Grooming brush - you're going to have dog hair everywhere but regular grooming helps cut down on the amount of dog hair
⬜ Small portable vacuum - for dog hair and dirt that they'll track into the vehicle
⬜ Lint roller and refills - for removing dog hair from your clothes
⬜ Sturdy Leashes - most state parks and RV sites we've visited insist that dogs are kept on a leash at all times
⬜ Light up collars - these are great for night walks
⬜ Medications - your dog must been up to date on all medications, especially tick and heart worm prevention
⬜ Copies of your pet records / vaccination records - in case something happens and your dog ends up in an emergency vet clinic
⬜ Baby wipes - great for quick clean up
⬜ Waste removal bags - because you're not an asshole who leaves their dog poop laying around
⬜ Old towels - for clean up when your dog inevitably rolls poop or something equally terrible
⬜ Pet shampoo
⬜ Bark collar - we invested in a collar that sprays citronella in our little dog's face because he tends to bark non-stop when we're not around. While it doesn't 100% stop his barking, it does greatly reduce the problem.
⬜ Fold-able dog pen or a spiral tie-down - so your dogs can be outside while safely contained to a specific area
⬜ Seat belts - because dogs need to be buckled into a seat belt too. We put each of our dogs in a harness attached to a leash that buckles into any seat belt.

Clearly they're not thrilled with the seat belts, 
but it keeps them from jumping around the cabin while we're traveling.