Yurts and Motorhomes and Vintage Trailers! Oh My!

We recently spent a few days at East Harbor State Park in Lakeside Marblehead, Ohio and I find myself falling in love with the different ways that people live beyond a traditional house.

Up until last week, I had never seen a yurt in the wild. I've seen pictures of yurts but I had never seen one in real life. This got me thinking about all the other things I've never seen, both in and out of nature, and how excited I am to travel more this year.

I read an article recently that said people only spend 5% of their day outside. That's the national average but still, that means most people are only outside for about an hour a day. It's no wonder our society is so depressed. Since I left my job five weeks ago, I've had the luxury of spending most of my time outside and it's been so healthy and therapeutic. As the article says, "if you can actually sit outside in your backyard and hear the birdsong and fell the grass in your toes - and occasionally go off into the deep wilderness - I think some really profound things can start to happen to your brain, and to your worldview. 

But back to the yurt here - this one is at East Harbor State Park. This lovely State Park borders Lake Erie, and their yurt is just steps from the water. 

This yurt costs $60 per night and sleeps 6 people on a double bed, a bunk bed, and two futons. It also includes 50 amp electricity, a coffee maker, microwave, picnic table, fire ring, gas grill, and refrigerator. Plus, it has a round skylight so I imagine it's perfect for stargazing at night.

Note to self - this would be the perfect weekend getaway with friends.

If you've been wondering how much it costs to park the RV, here are the prices at East Harbor State Park:

Full Hookup - $38 per night (includes water, electric, and dump station)
Electric only - $30 per night
Non-electric campsite - $26 per night

Since it's still early in the season, the park was pretty empty even though there were quite a few boats out on the lake. I did sneak a photo of our neighbor's adorable trailer because it looked so cozy with the vintage paint job and lace curtains. 

Other bonuses for East Harbor State Park include free WiFi for campers, pet camping on all sites, and a building for cleaning fish (if we ever catch a fish). East Harbor - we will definitely be back!