Harvest Hosts - How to Park your Motorhome for Free

Well... almost for free. 
I've been telling everyone who will listen about harvesthosts.com for awhile now but we finally got to stay at a Harvest Host farm and it was even better than I was hoping. Plus, they had BABY ANIMALS!

BABY ANIMALS! Just look at these sweet little lambs 💗 

💗 BABY ANIMALS! Look at that curly little tail! 

Harvest Hosts is a network of wineries and farms that invite self contained RVers to visit and stay overnight for FREE (after you pay an annual $44 membership fee). Since I love gardening and wine this sounded too good to be true. Plus, parking the RV for the night at state parks and private RV campgrounds costs us about $25-$45 per night, so being able to park for free is an amazing deal.

Once I paid the membership fee, I got access to hundreds of wineries, breweries, ranches, fruit and vegetable farms, dairies, and more. There are about 20 members in Ohio, so after doing a little research and checking to make sure they were dog friendly, we ended up at a farm in Ashland, Ohio for the night.

The farm was owned by a lovely couple and they couldn't have been nicer. Jon was there when we arrived and told us to pull up next to one of the several barns to park for the night.

He and Deb were on their way to dinner and basically told us to keep an eye on the place. He let us tour the farm on our own and told us to stop by his daughter's farm next door because she had 40 new lambs and piglets.

...and cows.

 The farm also had a playground for kids...

...and a Farm Market and Greenhouse. 

While Harvest Hosts allow you to park overnight for free, spending money at the farm is encouraged so I picked up some flowers and succulents in the greenhouse. They also had tons of varieties of vegetable plants for sale. 

The only drawback of Harvest Hosts is that you have to be self-contained, which meant we had no access to electric. Otherwise, it's a great deal and we look forward to visiting farms and wineries all across the US. 

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