Be Thrifty and Multiply Your Plants

I love having flowers around the house but I hate buying them. They die and you have to buy more and those die and so on and so on.

But I haven't bought flowers once this year because I've been decorating with these...

What you're looking at is parts of a plant that I cut and stuck in water. And get this - THESE HAVE BEEN SITTING IN WATER FOR TWO MONTHS AND THEY'RE STILL ALIVE. You could have the blackest thumb in the world and keep these alive.

So... new plants for free. That's what we're talking about.

I want to show you the plants that I cut to make more plants. These are pothos plants. I've tried to grow a lot of plants indoors and they've all died except for these. Pothos plants don't need a lot of light, they only need watered every week or so, and I've read that they clean the air. I wish everything else in my house could clean the air. Seems like the other living things in my house are trying to stink up the place (I'm looking at you Slim and Peanut). 

I've had both of these plants for over four years and they grow until they reach the ground. I've been cutting them a few times a year when they get too long and I was just throwing them away until now. 

Now I let them grow in water because they look so fresh and chic. And they are growing! They're growing and sprouting roots. You can actually see the roots growing out of these and they've only been in water for a month. 

I'd love to hear what plants you're cutting and regrowing so leave a comment if you have a favorite.