What the Hell is a Cucamelon?

It's part cucumber, part watermelon, and 100% adorable. 

Back in mid-June I was shopping for plants at demonye's Greenhouse and I came across a small plant called a cucamelon. The instructions said it would produce small fruit that looked like a watermelon and tasted like a cucumber BUT they would be the size of a grape. Since I'd never seen a cucamelon, I bought it hoping it would produce it's mystery fruit for me.

It initially took some time to acclimate to it's new home. I put it in our raised box in the backyard because cucamelons are vine plants and they need a trellis. Here's a photo of the trellis with a clematis before we put in the cucamelon plant. 

And here's a photo of the cucamelon plant today (Monday, Oct 10).

Can you believe how it took over the trellis? You can't even see the sweet bike totem that D built anymore. It took about three months before our little starter plant to really start producing fruit large enough to pick but I'll probably harvest this week and I bet we have over 100 adorable little cucamelons.

I've learned that while exceptionally cute, cucamelons, (also called Mexican Sour Gherkins or Mouse Melons) aren't super tasty right of the vine. They basically taste like a sour cucumber but I think if I pickle them they're going to become an amazing bloody mary garnish.

I'm going to make quick refrigerator pickles with some of these and can the others in a spicy garlic and dill solution to see which way yields a better pickle. If you have suggestions, send them my way!