There's Something About a Farmer's Market

Makes me wish I could buy a calendar with sexy farmers posing in front of their vibrant veggies nestled in baskets on gingham blankets... 

I can't resist a beautiful farmer's market and Smith Farm Market in Columbus is beautiful. I took this picture last year when tomatoes were in season and I think it's perfectly captures everything wonderful about farm fresh produce. 

Not only does Smith Farm Market sell their farm fresh vegetables, but they also sell vegetable plants and flowers. I started most of my garden plants from seed this year which is a lot of work. But I plan to buy all my tomato and pepper plants from Smith Farm Market next year. They had a huge selection of varieties which is awesome because I get so sick of seeing only Big Boy and Roma tomatoes everywhere. Smith had Cherokee Purple and Brandywine, which I can't wait to grow and eat!

I think it's the perfect place to take mom for Mother's Day because it's mid-May, the perfect time to put your plants in the ground. Plus, you can split what you buy and increase the varieties that you plant together. 

In addition to the veggies and flowers, Smith Farm Market has a bakery with pies and baked goods like fudge and Johnson's Homemade Ice Cream. But for me, I only have eyes for one thing and it's these sun ripened tomatoes.