Be Thrifty and Save Your Herbs

Oprah and I think you need an herb saver.

Here's a random bit of information for you... I got two herb savers for Christmas. It's random because I didn't ask for one. Apparently there's just something about me that says rotting herbs make me angry. So I've had them for awhile but it wasn't until today that I discovered just how awesome the herb saver is. Let me show you something...

This is one of two dozen roses I received on Friday, January 9th. I put the rest in vases around the house (which lasted maybe 9 days before wilting) but I threw one rose into my herb saver and asked Dave to wear it to dinner on my birthday the following night. Then I forgot about it. 

Today, while cleaning the fridge, I found the rose hidden toward the back. This is what it looks like 23 days later. It's still fresh. Like shockingly fresh.

Maybe this isn't news to you. Maybe you already know how awesome an herb saver is because you saw it on Oprah's favorite things. According to her website, Oprah was asking everybody, "How do you keep herbs fresh?," including Martha Stewart herself (I mean if I were friends with Martha I would certainly ask her that question), but then she discovered the herb saver.

Before the herb saver, I was throwing away a lot of herbs, particularly cilantro which seems to go bad within days. But now, I store fresh cilantro for up to two weeks before it gets mushy and brown. And while I've read on Amazon that some people have trouble opening the plastic version, and that others feel that these are two small for their herb supply, for me, this product absolutely does what it promises and saves me money in the process. How thrifty is that!