My New Favorite Cooking Show

I have a new favorite cooking show and it's called Classy Ladies with Alie and Georgia.

You can find episodes here on The Cooking Channel website. Each episode is 5-6 minutes long, and I'm in love with it. Alie and Georgia are funny and adorable in their vintage dresses and in episode, they learn something new, from how to decorate a cake or how to make quick pickles. 

But the best part about Alie and Georgia is that each episode ends with a cocktail recipe that matches whatever they're teaching. So if it's an episode about breakfast pizza, they're going to teach you how to make a berry basil brunch cocktail too. In fact in the breakfast pizza episode, according to Georgia, "if we call this brunch, then we can have a cocktail. It's almost required by law that we have a cocktail with brunch."

These ladies truly speak to my heart.