Cookie Cravings

You had me at Goat Cheese Cookie!

I've been wanting to check out the new cookie place that opened up a few blocks from our house for awhile now and today seemed like the perfect day. We were heading that way for Winter Flea at Seventh Son Brewing, so we made a quick stop at Cookie Cravings first. And FYI, Winter Flea is a cool indoor flea market that happens a few times a year where you can pick up old records, vintage clothes, handmade jewelry, art and cheap homage tees. At least I'm assuming that the homage tees were cheap which would explain why people were crowded around their booth grabbing shirts and pushing like it was Black Friday.

But back to Cookie Cravings. They had advertised a Groundhog's Day Brunch on Facebook so it seemed like the perfect place to grab breakfast. Cookie Cravings is tucked away on 3rd Avenue in Italian Village, just behind Red Tree Tattoo Gallery on Summit. It's a small space but there were a few tables to sit and enjoy watching the snow fall while we ate. 

Here's a peak at the menu. I knew that I wanted to try the crepes so we ordered the Greek and The Cuban. 

The Greek was very good with roasted red peppers and goat cheese but The Cuban is what I'll come back for. It had pork cheek, dijon, swiss and the most delicious pickled vegetables. We inhaled both crepes and I barely got a photo of each one before they were completely gone. Contrary to the photos here, the original crepes were much larger and the perfect size for a light breakfast. And I highly recommend washing down your breakfast with the Honey Mint Green Tea. 

And you can't come to Cookie Cravings without sampling a cookie so we split a White Chocolate Pistachio Cookie with Sea Salt. Every cookie is about a quarter of a pound so they're plenty big enough to share. 

And I saved the most wonderful thing about Cookie Cravings for last. Here is a shot of the bacon and ganache cookies getting drizzled with chocolate. Let me say that again... BACON AND GANACHE COOKIES. It doesn't get better than that.