Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

I'll say that again... Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

As far as traditions go, the annual holiday cookie swap is one of my favorites. For the last few years, my girlfriends and I have been getting together for a night of dinner and drinks, and before we leave each person swaps a dozen cookies with everyone else at the table. By the end of the night, everyone leaves with bags full of delicious cookies and it's such a fun way to catch up during holidays.

Now, if you've never baked 8-12 dozen cookies at one time, I've got some advice for you. Let's start with the good and the bad.

While not technically a cookie, this is the best recipe I've ever used for a cookie swap: Peppermint Bark. 

They're pretty, they're super easy to make, and the ingredients are cheap.

The worst: Homemade Samoas Holy hell this was a mistake. Too many ingredients. Too many steps. Save yourself the headache. About two hours in I ended up chucking the work and buying twelve dozen pre-made gingerbread cookies from GFS. Total fail.

So the secret to making lots of cookies, is to choose a recipe that's simple and fairly cheap to make. 

And the cookie recipe I'll be making for this year's swap... Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies 

I did a run through this evening while watching Elf (another holiday tradition) to make sure I could pull off this recipe and let me tell you, these are awesome. 


 The key to stuffing each cookie is to scoop out one teaspoon (or more) of Nutella onto wax paper and freeze it in advance. I left mine in the freezer for a few hours but if you're in a time crunch, it'll freeze in about 30 minutes.

Funny story... since I moved, I can't find my mixer. Thankfully I've got some muscle in the house. 

Grab a scoop of dough (about two tablespoons), split it in half and press the frozen Nutella in the middle of half the dough. Wrap the remaining dough around the Nutella sealing it inside like a little delicious present.