Our Anniversary at The Hilton Downtown

Check out our sweet anniversary bed picnic (which had nothing to do with the fact I blew all my money on a room and drinks at the fancy bar)

This past weekend David and I celebrated our 1st anniversary. We’re both on spending lock down with the holidays around the corner, so I wanted to surprise him with a night out while keeping it thrifty. He likes to call us "ballers on a budget." What I came up with was a picnic dinner at The Hilton downtown. I packed up some of our favorites, including my picnic blankets, and we drove the 20 or so blocks from our house to the hotel. 

Isn't it beautiful? 

We checked in and when the staff found out it was our anniversary, they offered to buy us a free dessert in the Gallerie Bar & Bistro. I didn’t want to tell them that we already had dessert in our bag but David did (he was pretty excited about the food) and they offered us both free brunch the next morning. How cool is that?! Fun fact: the staff told us the hotel had two proposals and a ton of couples celebrating anniversaries that day so it felt like we were surrounded by love. I know that's corny but I it was a nice feeling.

We were pretty hungry so we didn't waste any time setting out the appetizers for our hotel picnic. First course: peel and eat shrimp and spicy tuna flatbread (recipe here). 

not my best look

After the appetizers, we went down to the bar for a drink. I had champagne and my handsome date had a tall cocktail made with OYO Honey Bean vodka. The damage was $22 before the tip so we left to stroll around the hotel and check out the artwork. They have a stunning art collection of over 150 original pieces by Central Ohio artists. You can see all the artwork here.

Artwork by Adam Brouillette 

Glass skybridge that connects the Greater Columbus Convention Center directly to the Hilton bar.   

Every room has artwork on the ceiling. This is Meadow Garden 2002 by Donald Roberts

Back to the room for dinner and dessert. Steak sandwiches with cole slaw and David's favorite Triple Karmeliet

Key lime pie from Cap City (best key lime pie ever)

All in all, it was the perfect night. I paid $10 extra to reserve a room higher in the hotel and we lucked out by scoring a room on the top floor with a view of High Street. The next morning we had a fantastic brunch in the hotel which I highly recommend stopping in for even if you're not staying the hotel. I can't wait to come back!