The Circlevillle Pumpkin Show

If you've ever wondered wanted to find the Great Pumpkin, SPOILER ALERT: it's in Circleville.

Today was the first day of the 106th annual Circleville Pumpkin Show so we drove 40 minutes south of Columbus to get our pumpkin on. And did we ever! We stuffed ourselves with pumpkin treats galore and it's free to get in so if you like to eat, drink and be thrifty like we do, you'll love the Circleville Pumpkin Show.

Here it is in all it's glory! The great pumpkin. Can you believe that in 1980 the heaviest pumpkin was 293 pounds and this year's winner came in at a whopping 1315 pounds? Big up to science!

But let's jump ahead to the real reason we came to Circleville… THE FOOD! We had the pumpkin coffee, the pumpkin chili, the pumpkin blossoms and of course, the deep fried pumpkin pie. And no joke, everything we ate was awesome. But there was so much more! They've got pumpkin burgers and fries, shredded pumpkin chicken sandwiches and pumpkin pizza. Or I suggest you go straight for the desserts and try the pumpkin ice cream, the pumpkin fudge, and the pumpkin whoopie pies.

Here's the deep fried pumpkin blossoms. It's the large yellowish blossom that grows on the pumpkin which is battered, fried and served with a dipping sauce. Yes the sauce is ranch dressing and yes, it's delicious!

This is the line outside Lindsey's Bakery. They're famous for warm pumpkin donuts and every year they create the world's largest pumpkin pie. You can even wait in line to see it. We didn’t. Instead, we took a picture of the line.

It's important to remember that in addition to all the pumpkin food, there are pumpkin drinks! Alcoholic ones. Just check out some of the shots you can get at Tootle's Pumpkin Inn. We stopped here for a pumpkin beer and they've got a great selection on draft and in bottles. According to their website, they also have a free jukebox every Monday if you're in to that. And if you're not, we probably won't be friends.

Another long-standing tradition of the Circleville Pumpkin Show is a pageant to crown the Little Miss and Miss Pumpkin Show Queen. The Little Miss Pumpkin Show Queen must be in the 1st grade at a school in Pickaway County, while the Miss Pumpkin Show Queen must be a junior or senior from one of the six local high schools. Once crowned, they lead off each parade for the rest of the event." - thanks wikipedia!

So here's the deal... 151 little girls each dressed to the nines ride on the hood of their own car. It's literally the longest parade I've ever seen. And it’s fabulous, that is, if you’re a fan of the whole Toddlers and Tiaras thing.

And if you’re not into watching living American Girl dolls, that's ok. The Circleville Pumpkin show continues through this Saturday. Visit their website at for a list of events including a pet parade, live bands, giant pumpkin sculpting and a pumpkin pie eating contest. God bless America!