Checklist for Traveling with Dogs

Traveling with dogs... it's like traveling with prisoners who are trying to escape every time the door opens. Then, when they do escape, there's a 50% chance they'll find poop and roll in it.

The Pasta Salad You'll Want to Eat All Summer Long

In honor of the Columbus Pride Festival this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I shall call this Pride Pasta Salad. Taste the Rainbow.

5 New Plants I'm Growing in 2017

I'm not sure who first said "gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes", but man would I like to buy them a drink (preferably with some muddled berries and herbs straight from the garden).

Yurts and Motorhomes and Vintage Trailers! Oh My!

We recently spent a few days at East Harbor State Park in Lakeside Marblehead, Ohio and I find myself falling in love with the different ways that people live beyond a traditional house.

RV Tour - Part 1

Step right up, folks! Don't be shy. Be prepared to witness the whimsical, the functional, and the all-around lovable Lazy Daze RV. Hurry, hurry, hurry!

The Best Turkey Burgers EVER

Make these tonight. Thank me tomorrow. 

The Secret to Hard Boiled Eggs

My inner Martha Stewart is dying over these perfectly peeled hard boiled eggs.

Camping at the Buckeye Lake KOA

Our first trip in the RV was a success, aside from like ten fights and one enormous meltdown.