Glass Gem Corn and More - 2017 Garden Wrap-Up

My proudest life accomplishment? Probably growing this corn right here. 

Pet Friendly Hotels - Aloft Louisville

I was worried about how Slim would cope in a pet friendly hotel. Long story short... he's perfect and we want to move into Aloft Hotel in Louisville.  

Denver Botanic Gardens

It's like something out of a fairy tale. 

Roasted Cherry Tomato Recipe + Preservation

Everything is better roasted. Vegetables. Chicken. Donald Trump. 

Farm Camping with Harvest Hosts

I bought these veggies and the farmer let us park overnight for free. It's true!

A Thrifty Way to Grow Plants from Seed

Why throw away your plastic bottles when you can use them to grow plants?

Alum Creek State Park

Can't argue with the sign welcoming campers to Alum Creek State Park.

Candied JalapeƱos

Behold the most unique, most delicious, sweet and spicy condiment you can make in under two hours. Warning - your friends and family will literally eat these up!

Checklist for Traveling with Dogs

Traveling with dogs... it's like traveling with prisoners who are trying to escape every time the door opens. Then, when they do escape, there's a 50% chance they'll find poop and roll in it.

The Pasta Salad You'll Want to Eat All Summer Long

In honor of the Columbus Pride Festival this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I shall call this Pride Pasta Salad. Taste the Rainbow.